How to Properly Used your Working Computer?

When using your working computer, there are certain rules you have to follow and do when storing files and other apps. Failure to follow the rules may put you up with all the trouble in the future. For one, personal files and other related stuff should not be stored while using the computer for personal use should be avoided in any way costs.

Keep all your personal computer usage and work discretely. That’s a general rule of thumb and almost every expert worker knows that rule. Ask what is allowable and utilize a USB flash drive when necessary in storing any private stuff which you need to access from your computer.

The company you’re working with may have rules about the right use of a computer, even though laws change from one state to another. The lists below are the situations in which you must not shop on your computer.

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Gaming Files and Video Games

There is no great reason for almost every employee to have a computer or video games stored on the work computer or laptop. That would simply send your employer a wrong message. Also, in several cases, you can open up the computer or laptop for viruses or spyware.

Inappropriate Videos and Images

Saving any nude personal images on the work computer is the only thing that is worse than saving personal images on the work computer or laptop. You need to ensure that the work computer or laptop stays free of any kind of stuff that is inappropriate.

This part may seem pretty clear. However, stories thrive over an employee being caught saving pornography on their work computer or laptop. Most employees are not aware of the fact the department of IT in their company knows everything about it.

Personal Photos and Videos

Most employees know this but your work computer or laptop is for work only. It is always a good idea to keep personal stuff discrete from work. Of course, the company is not paying you for your personal time.

That is why it is typically not a good idea to save personal photos, medical records, school transcripts of your kids, banking information, or password lists. It can send some wrong signal to your employer if he or she finds out about it.

Also, supervisors might be worried about you taking up some significant storage space and putting the computer or laptop at risk for malware and viruses. Another thing, you would also lose all the information you stored on your work computer if you lose the job.

The general rule is that you have to immediately leave if you are ever fired from a company. This happens in most states. You possibly will not have enough time to delete or copy the files that should never have been stored on your work computer in the first place.

Things that are Confidential with your Company

Of course, this one is pretty clear. However, there are still a lot of stories of even high-level individuals getting into a dangerous path or even losing their jobs simply because they were not careful with classified or confidential information. This applies to any level of organization, especially in a business one.

It begins harmlessly enough. At first, you are checking personal emails on a work computer. Eventually, the workstation you have would become a saving system for music, images, and personal things. You may begin paying bills online and save the confirmation pages to the work device for your records if you are in the office for a very long time.

Things that are Associated with your Other Work, If Any

Do not ever store any side work information on your work computer or laptop. Make sure you only keep it in your personal gadget. Clearly, you must prevent saving anything related to another work of your main work device if you are moonlighting and are worried about your boss finding out about it. There are some cases where employees send the wrong attachment to their employers.


For sure, companies have different policies or rules in terms of using their working computer. The same as anything else, the best method is to prevent it from happening. Buy a flash drive and then bring it into work. Use the flash drive to do any personal business at work. This will provide you all of the comforts of being able to keep the information yours and at precisely the same time store files while on the job. Just make certain you store files that have no viruses and malware that may harm the computer. And also check Laptop Tray Table that provides your laptop balance and support when sitting from your favorite couch.