Different Methods to Used when Disposing of Old Computers and Hard Drives

Different Methods to Used when Disposing of Old Computers and Hard Drives

At some point, you may need to destroy data on your hard disk. This may be due to a number of reasons, some of these reasons maybe you want to donate a computer that once held your very sensitive data or the computer is obsolete and you now want to get rid of it or perhaps the computer is damaged and you have found a replacement so you will no longer be using it. 

For whatever reason always ensure that before you destroy data on your old hard disk you must ensure that a copy of that data is safely backed up in a different location. Failure to do that you may never get it again. This review gives an overview of the best practice to consider when you want to dispose of your hard disk drive. As a matter of fact, getting good advice about different hard drive destruction techniques is important for all computer users.

Tips and Methods to Apply

Physical technique

This involves the generation of surface deformations that is in excess of 0.001 inches. This is a cheap method to ruin data on a hard disk. Physical techniques may include several methods for destruction. It is usually done by a computer expert.

Another good method that completely destroys data is by cutting the disk surface using a thermal method. The cutting involves destroying all tracks of the magnetic disk using thermal heat.


It is the most common method used commercially by large companies. It involves shredding the disk’s circuit board into tiny pieces. During this process, the flash memory printed on the board is usually destroyed so that no data can ever be reconstructed.

Drilling method

This is a physical method of perforating holes on the hard disk to destroy it completely. The hole is manually punched on the disk using any sharp object such as a nail and a hummer or masonry bit. Doing this makes the disk unusable as it is damaged beyond repair.

Use of Boot Disk

It can either be open sources downloaded on the internet or purchased or supplied with a computer to use during reinstallation of the operating system. This software normally destroys the contents of a hard disk. However when using this method caution must be taken as it doesn’t completely wipe out the data, that is to mean that there is data recovery software that can be used to restore the data. Using this method may require some technical knowledge in order to reinstall the operating system as it loses its file system, therefore, making it tricky for it to pick a new operating system.

Physical Heating of the magnetic media

This can also be done to deform the shape of the hard disk and at the same time destroying the underlying data. Thermal destruction should not be done on a disk that is to be reused. This is because the high temperature completely destroys the disk.


There are many people out there who provide hard drive destructive services. You can always seek their services instead of troubling yourself just in case you are not very conversant with this task.

Different Warning Signs Your Computer Needs Computer Maintenance

Different Warning Signs Your Computer Needs Computer Maintenance

There is no doubt that computers plays an important role in our life. From personal tasks to any work-related activities, computer are always there to provide assistance and make it easy for us. I think it is an understatement to say that computer is an important tool that we need in our day-to-day affairs.

However, computers, just like any other machines also has the possibility of encountering malfunctions that may affect its performance. Fortunately, these man-made machines will show signals to every computer owners that it needs maintenance or even repairs. If you happen to encounter these signs, never ignore it if you want the computer to continue running smoothly. 

In this article, we will show the most common signs that your computer might already need maintenance. 

From Running Smoothly to Running Slowly

This is probably the most common signal that your computer is in need of maintenance from experts. There are many reason why a computer runs slowly such as having an old system, low RAM, fewer space on the hard drive, among others. Furthermore, slow computers can lead to inconsistency in performance and loss of data that may affect the database server if not corrected early that might lead to bigger problems in the future. The most important thing is to diagnose early and ask help from computer experts to rectify the problem.

Startup or Shutdown Failure

A computer without any issue will start or shutdown smoothly without any problem. However, if you encounter an incomplete startup or shutdown process, it may indicate a problem in your computer system. Common causes for this issue includes viruses in the system, hardware issues, or maybe an operating system issue. If you happen to experience any incomplete process, then it is best to consult computer experts to solve the issue.

The “Blue Screen of Death”

You may not be familiar with the “blue screen of death” but have probably see it in your computer screen. It is where your computer screen will show an unfamiliar blue-colored screen that contains warning messages that your computer has a problem. The “blue screen of death” varies from different computer brand but a clear indication that your computer is running into a problem and a computer maintenance is needed.

Unnecessary Noises

If you begin to notice your computer producing mysterious and unnecessary noises that it used to, there is probably something wrong with it. These noises maybe the fan found inside or in the hard drive which indicates a problem in the hardware. The best thing to do is have it check with a computer technician and have it corrected before a more serious problem occur in your PC.

Its Getting “Hot” in Here

It is natural for a computer to get hot while working but when it becomes hot than it used to, there should be a problem in it. Although overheating is not a major problem, it is still a clear indication of an abnormality of your computer that must be addressed immediately. The probable cause of this problem includes a dirty computer or a clogged and defective cooling system which can result to overheating. If you happen to encounter this issue, call a computer expert immediately.

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Take Action Immediately  

As cliche as it sounds, prevention is still better that cure. So, if you happen to encounter one of these signs in your computer, then it is highly recommended to do a computer maintenance to correct the issues. By doing these, you will prevent a more serious damage to your computer that might also lead to a bigger expense doing the computer maintenance and repair.  

Microsoft Shows the New Windows 10 Start Menu Redesign

Microsoft Shows the New Windows 10 Start Menu Redesign

It was no secret that Microsoft and its design team was working on redesigning the start menu of the Windows 10 operating system early this year. It was in early March when they announced that they are working on improving and redesigning the start menu and other features. The redesign of the start menu draws mixed reactions from the computer users and tech expert, but a lot were anticipating the new features it will offer and the changes that will be implemented when compared to the current version. 

More than a week ago, the company, through the Twitter account of its design team, showed a glimpse of these new redesign features. It offers the best look so far on what to expect on the Windows 10 redesign. The first part of the short video shows the history and the evolution of Windows since its inception. The highlight video also shows a preview on what to expect on the new redesign start menu and what to expect once this update will be available to the computer users. 

The video clip draws mixed reactions from its Twitter followers, but generally, it was all positive reviews coming from the computer users. Among the changes that stand out on the highlight is the much broader listing on the different applications. The tiles also got some minor changes, such as the removal of the titles of all its medium-size ones. It looked like that the Live Tiles will still be available on the new version despite the loud clamor and the persistent rumors that the company is removing it from the system. 

Based on the video, the new redesign was less cluttered and messy compared to what it is now. The icons of the new start menu also look great with modern design, and the spaces of the list make it more organized and less confusing to the users. The text under the app icon was also dropped in which several users were bothered as it no longer displays the title of the application.

It is still not known when is the new redesign will be available to the public, but this can be a game-changer in terms of the user experience of the operating system. The next major Windows update will not happen until next month, and we will probably see the new update later in the year or early next year. 

Rayman Legends: Free PC Game For Everyone

Rayman Legends: Free PC Game For Everyone

In this time where most people are inside their home, all should find a way to avoid boredom by doing any type of activity. There are a lot of activities out there, all you have to do is find the right fit while still maintaining social distancing and other quarantine protocols. Because of this needs, top video game publisher Ubisoft is giving away free games in the coming days to help people under home quarantine. The first game that will be available for free is Rayman Legends, one of the top video games in 2013. It will be available for download until April 3, and then the company will again offer other games to the public after.

        Click the image to download

Game Summary:

Rayman, named platformer of the year and winner of multiple artistic and musical achievements, is back with a brand new adventure. Michel Ancel celebrated creator of Rayman®, Beyond Good & Evil® and the Raving Rabbids®. Additionally, advancements in the UbiArt engine has helped pave the way for new, more detailed graphics and lighting.

Rayman, Globox, and the Teensies are off wandering through an enchanted forest when they discover a mysterious tent filled with a series of captivating paintings. As they look more closely, they notice each painting seems to tell the story of a mythical world. While focusing on a painting that shows a medieval land, they are suddenly sucked into the painting, entering the world, and the adventure begins. The gang must run, jump and fight their way through each world to save the day and discover the secrets of every legendary painting.

We hope everyone will be safe during this difficult time. Please remember to stay home and protect yourself and your family.

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Tips on Protecting your Computer from Viruses

Tips on Protecting your Computer from Viruses

Owning a computer also means taking the responsibility of protecting the electronic equipment from malware and viruses. The continuous threat of viruses is actual, and failure to protect it could lead to distinct issues that will influence the potency of the computer. Viruses can alter anything on your computer, including the quality of its procedure and operation. It can also make the computer slow and in a worst-case scenario, can stop the machine from functioning altogether.

The internet is also home to cybercriminals and internet parasites that are just waiting for their next victim. Some of these criminals can install viruses and malware into the computer to steal data and other relevant information. They can sabotage your machine and will take anything if given a chance. For you to be able to protect your computer from viruses, we have listed different steps that you can do to be safe online. 

  • Use and install an anti-virus software

Anti-virus software is a valuable tool that provides much-needed protection to your computer. It is a security program that comes in free and paid packages and can block any threats outside, including viruses. These programs can prevent all viruses and malware from installing into the computer system. The computer owner must ensure to regularly update the anti-virus software to maintain its effectiveness as time goes by.

  • Switch on your computer’s users account control

A lot of computer owner does not know that the computer’s users account control (UAC) can help in detecting viruses in the machine. The UAC can inform or alert the user when there is a software that needs changes into the PC. The user will have a chance to accept or block any changes that will happen on the computer. Please take note that different version of Windows has different ways in turning the UAC on and the users must learn and be familiar with how to do it. 

  • Refrain from opening suspicious websites

There are a lot of sources that you can get viruses online, and one of them is websites made from computer predators. When a website notifies the user to run or install a program on the computer, consider it as a red flag. The site is probably trying to install malware or viruses into your computer system. As a precautionary measure, you must avoid opening suspicious websites or those you are not familiar with. 

  • Always be careful in opening email attachments 

Another source that tends to inject a virus into the computer system is through emails. This source is the most common way that online predators use to spread viruses to all computer users. It is also better if you have an email provider that scans every email that gets into your computer system. This tool will ensure that no viruses will be injected or infect your computer.

  • Always update your operating system

A responsible computer user will update his operating system continually. From time to time, Microsoft is releasing security-related updates designed to protect your PC from viruses and repair any security flaws. You need to install these updates immediately after the release, or you can make the installation automatic whenever there is an update. If you are using a Mac, then the update will be in the app store and should familiar with the process of doing it. 

  • Be cautious in downloading software online

When downloading software online, make sure only to do it on trusted websites. It will help in protecting your computer from online parasites such as viruses and the like. You can check on the manufacturer by checking on the site and its authenticity. Again, be careful about cybercriminals as they will entice you to download a virus disguising as the software you are looking for. 

  • Scan your computer regularly

Once you have anti-virus software, you need to use it fully. By scanning your computer automatically, it will give you a chance to detect a virus and remove it from the computer as soon as you discover it. This process will also help in keeping your machine updated and free from any virus-related issues. 


Make sure always to be prepared from the attack of viruses into your computer system. The tips that we have discussed in this guide will aid in protecting your computer from any virus attack. Always be cautious and be updated about the recent information on viruses and malware protection. It will aid in protecting your personal computer and prevent any virus-related issues

How to Properly Used your Working Computer?

When using your working computer, there are certain rules you have to follow and do when storing files and other apps. Failure to follow the rules may put you up with all the trouble in the future. For one, personal files and other related stuff should not be stored while using the computer for personal use should be avoided in any way costs.

Keep all your personal computer usage and work discretely. That’s a general rule of thumb and almost every expert worker knows that rule. Ask what is allowable and utilize a USB flash drive when necessary in storing any private stuff which you need to access from your computer.

The company you’re working with may have rules about the right use of a computer, even though laws change from one state to another. The lists below are the situations in which you must not shop on your computer.

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Gaming Files and Video Games

There is no great reason for almost every employee to have a computer or video games stored on the work computer or laptop. That would simply send your employer a wrong message. Also, in several cases, you can open up the computer or laptop for viruses or spyware.

Inappropriate Videos and Images

Saving any nude personal images on the work computer is the only thing that is worse than saving personal images on the work computer or laptop. You need to ensure that the work computer or laptop stays free of any kind of stuff that is inappropriate.

This part may seem pretty clear. However, stories thrive over an employee being caught saving pornography on their work computer or laptop. Most employees are not aware of the fact the department of IT in their company knows everything about it.

Personal Photos and Videos

Most employees know this but your work computer or laptop is for work only. It is always a good idea to keep personal stuff discrete from work. Of course, the company is not paying you for your personal time.

That is why it is typically not a good idea to save personal photos, medical records, school transcripts of your kids, banking information, or password lists. It can send some wrong signal to your employer if he or she finds out about it.

Also, supervisors might be worried about you taking up some significant storage space and putting the computer or laptop at risk for malware and viruses. Another thing, you would also lose all the information you stored on your work computer if you lose the job.

The general rule is that you have to immediately leave if you are ever fired from a company. This happens in most states. You possibly will not have enough time to delete or copy the files that should never have been stored on your work computer in the first place.

Things that are Confidential with your Company

Of course, this one is pretty clear. However, there are still a lot of stories of even high-level individuals getting into a dangerous path or even losing their jobs simply because they were not careful with classified or confidential information. This applies to any level of organization, especially in a business one.

It begins harmlessly enough. At first, you are checking personal emails on a work computer. Eventually, the workstation you have would become a saving system for music, images, and personal things. You may begin paying bills online and save the confirmation pages to the work device for your records if you are in the office for a very long time.

Things that are Associated with your Other Work, If Any

Do not ever store any side work information on your work computer or laptop. Make sure you only keep it in your personal gadget. Clearly, you must prevent saving anything related to another work of your main work device if you are moonlighting and are worried about your boss finding out about it. There are some cases where employees send the wrong attachment to their employers.


For sure, companies have different policies or rules in terms of using their working computer. The same as anything else, the best method is to prevent it from happening. Buy a flash drive and then bring it into work. Use the flash drive to do any personal business at work. This will provide you all of the comforts of being able to keep the information yours and at precisely the same time store files while on the job. Just make certain you store files that have no viruses and malware that may harm the computer. And also check Laptop Tray Table that provides your laptop balance and support when sitting from your favorite couch.

What’s the difference between Web Hosting and Website Builder?

Building a website for a blog or for business is not an easy thing to do especially if you want to do it by yourself. For some experienced website users, there a lot of solutions or applications that can be used to speed up the building of the websites. However, for newbies and inexperienced internet users, website building is a relatively new environment that needs to be learned and familiarized to come with the best website for the business.

When you try to build a website, it is important to know the difference between a web hosting and website builder. The simplest way to explain and compare the two is to think about real estate. Every house needs a plot of land to sit on, whether that land is in your name or the bank’s name. You can use a developer who constructs a house from a series of templates with your customizations. You also can buy a piece of property and put whatever kind of custom structure you want there, as long as it meets a few basic codes. The same holds true for a website. No matter how it’s built, a website needs to reside somewhere on the Internet. Without an address, there’s no place for it to go.

Web hosting is a lot like buying your own property in that once you invest in a space on the Internet, your website can be just about anything you want it to be. You can build it yourself or hire someone else to do it, but whatever unique properties you want can be written in. 

A website builder is much like a developer. Not only are they providing you the space and a name for your website, but these types of softwares are also building it for you, typically from a premade design with a few personalized customizations. Website builders can give your website a domain and host your site, but there are usually limitations such as how many megabytes or gigabytes of space and storage you get and how many visitors per month the site can handle.

Web Hosting


Once you fork over funds for your own plot of the Internet, there are virtually no limits to what you do with it. As long as you have the coding abilities from yourself or someone else, the sky is the limit for what your site looks like. You can also scale the size and scope of your site easily in terms of storage space and bandwidth. That doesn’t only mean buying larger, more costly packages. Of course. Most web hosting sites can scale your site up or down for specific periods of growth or recession.  Some web hosting sites come with their own website builders as well. They are typically more robust than the competition, offering more one-click installation modules for experienced coders to install a la carte.


There’s a steep incline, both skill-wise and financially, to using a web hosting site successfully. Learning the coding skills to build your own professional site is a tremendous workload to take on. Hiring someone to do the same can be a pricey endeavor for a small business. Less expensive forms of hosting, like shared hosting, exist, but they are far less favorable. Shared hosting is reasonably priced, but involves multiple websites sharing the same server, and thus competing for resources like bandwidth and storage space. 

Website Builder


Website builders are intuitive, meaning they can quickly present you with the choices related to building a site. They are the best choice for people with a lack of coding experience or the budget to hire someone else for the job. Instead of having a new website owner choose every single detail from scratch, website builders present popular themes and templates. From there, users can customize things like fonts, colors, text, and images to make the site uniquely theirs.


Some website builders offer to build your site, but don’t have anywhere for you to put it. Others do offer web hosting capabilities as part of the package. Wix and Squarespace fit this mold, but they usually have limitations on how much space and storage you can have. Another restriction is how much bandwidth you are entitled to each month for people to visit and download information from your site. Additionally, websites created by a builder may end up on a specific platform, which could make it difficult to make edits or improvements in the future. In this situation, customizations or scaling might also be a chore.


Knowing the difference between website builder and web hosting will come a long way in making important decisions on your website. It is all about learning what is best suited for you and for the website. 

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Different Ways to Fix a Noisy Laptop

As your laptop goes old, it is normal for you to encounter computer problems and issues from time to time. This is normal because laptops are also susceptible to wear and tear especially if the owner used the laptop regularly. One problem that will likely occur as your laptop gets old is the noise that it produces when being used. This is an annoying problem that will definitely affect the productivity of the laptop owner.

For you to address the issue, we have listed different ways to reduce, minimize, and even removed the annoying noise that your laptop produces when being used. Please see below. 

A Special Software can be an Option

If you’re using a Mac, the right choice would be to use Macs Fan Control which gives you the ability to control and monitor different aspects of a fan. Once you open it, you will have a clear view of the fans and their temperatures. You can also see the minimum, current and maximum operating speed of each fan. If you are a Windows user, you can try SpeedFan which works almost the same as Macs Fan Control. 

Even though using more software will consume more battery, it will reduce the noise coming from the computer and lower its temperatures. 

Remove or Closed Unnecessary Programs and Applications

The noise coming from your computer might also be a result of it being overworked, usually due to multiple processes running at once. So to stop the sound, you should stop the operations. 

If you’re wondering how to do it, it’s pretty simple. All you really have to do is open either Activity Monitor on Mac or TaskManager on Windows. When you do it, you’ll find a list of all processes and applications that are running at the moment. You can organize it in a way that will show you which one is the most energy-intensive so that you can close them first. It will not only reduce the noise but also prolong the life of your battery. 

Invest in a Cooling Device

If you’re not really convinced about using a laptop stand and putting your computer on a hard surface is not enough, you can always try an external cooling device. The laptop cooler is especially recommended for people whose computers are working hard for an extended period, so those who work on them or use them for gaming. 

These cases are lowering the temperature of your computer, which results in reduced noise, as it takes the pressure of the fan by maximizing the airflow. You can choose the one that is clipped on the laptop so that it can directly suck out the hot air. You can also choose the one that has a cooling baseplate.

Prevent the laptop from overheating

Since computers are being equipped with faster and faster processors as the years go, it also means that the problem of overheating is becoming more relevant. Especially since manufacturers these days put the focus on creating computers that are not only fast but also small. And this results in them creating more heat. 

Heat can not only make your computer create a lot of noise, but it’s also dangerous for you. You probably heard speculation that overheating laptops can lead to male infertility – it turns out that it’s not speculation but a fact. If you’re a man, it can affect your fertility. It also affects other parts of the computer, which can fail because of too much heat.

One of the best ways to stop your laptop from overheating is placing it on a flat, hard surface. The pads at the bottom that all the computers have should prevent it from sitting straight with the surface. If it doesn’t work, you can try getting a laptop stand. There are so many available that you will easily find the one that will fit both your functional and aesthetic preferences. You can also DIY one. 

Clean the laptop and remove the dust

The inside of the best gaming laptop is the most accessible place in which dust can be accumulated. And too much of it can cause a lot of problems. The main one is that it blocks the vents of the fan inside, which forces it to work harder. 

Luckily for you, dust is very easy to remove. The best way to do it would be by using compressed air. One can of it would cost you somewhere between $5 and $10. Shut down your computer, open the base covers and spray the dust directly. After you’re done just put the base covers back on. 

If you want to clean the dust in a way that is more environment-friendly, you can do it with a cloth. Unscrew the base, but remember not to remove the fan. Get a clean cloth and run it gently along each of the blades. Change to a different piece of cloth or use a completely new one if the dust builds up too much. 

Don’t use a vacuum cleaner or a brush as in the worst case you can destroy the laptop and make it unusable. 


A noisy laptop is indeed annoying and there are ways that you can do to at least minimize the issue. The tips that we shared have been proven effective but if the problem is still there, it is best for you to have it check by computer repair professionals. 

How to Make your Computer Runs Faster?

In a time where faster computers are needed to do different tasks, it is indeed a big problem if your own personal computer runs slow. It will not only lessen your productivity but will also make you lost a lot of precious time. Furthermore, a slow computer will not only affect an individual but can also affect the productivity of organizations and businesses. This is the reason why it is important for a computer owner to have the knowledge to let his computer run faster. 

Yes, there are many ways to make your slow computer run faster. We have made a list below to serve as your guide.

1. Programs not use should be uninstalled or deleted

We are referring to programs that are already pre-installed on your computer. Usually, these programs will take up the space of your computer memory and will automatically run all the background processes which will slow the computer. As the owner of your computer, your best destination should be the control panel and delete or uninstall all the programs which you are not using.

A lot of computers run slow because it runs programs in the background automatically during the startup. All you have to do is stop all unnecessary programs from automatically running to make your computer run faster. However, there are also important programs that should be allowed to run automatically because of its usefulness such as firewall and antivirus software. Check also the Best All in One Computer.

2. Older videos and pictures should be saved on an external drive or cloud storage

 As a computer owner, this is the best thing you can do to save up or free some space in your computer system. This will make your computer run faster while also backing up important photos or videos that you want to keep.

3. The hard disk must be clean

If your hard disk has only 10% of free space in the memory, this will definitely slow down your computer. What you will do is delete unused and old programs while compressing all the other files especially those large ones. By doing this, you will save more memory and will make your computer runs faster.

4. Anti-virus, anti-malware, and spyware cleaner must be installed to the computer 

Let’s face it, viruses, bugs, and malware contribute to the slowness of your computer. Therefore, managing these unwanted visitors is an option if you want to make your computer runs faster. Managing means installing software against malware, viruses, and spyware into the computer. This will also give an additional layer of protection to your computer while increasing your safety measures at the same time. 

5. Run the system disk cleanup/repair   

Temporary files such as caches, cookies, internet history, among others all take space on your system memory which eventually slows down the computer. By using the system disk cleanup or repair, it will clean all those unnecessary files on your computer and speed up your computer immediately.    


These are just 6 of the things that you can do to make your computer faster. There are other ways that you can do but these steps that we have listed are proven to work effectively. When you begin to notice that your computer runs slow, you try the 6 steps we have listed and for sure your computer will have improved performance. 

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Common Keyboard Problems

Encountering problems with your keyboard? Here are some of the most common causes as well as what you can do to fix them.

One of the causes of keyboard problems is an improper connection. Improper connection can be fixed by reconnecting your keyboard then restarting your computer.

If the keyboard still doesn’t work after you reconnect it, then connection is not the problem. Turn off your computer, unplug the keyboard, and then check for bent or broken pins. Straighten the bent pins gently with the help of a ball point pen or a pencil. If the pins are broken, it’s time to get a replacement.

Another method you can try is updating your device driver. Visit the manufacturer’s site for the latest drivers available for your keyboard maker and model.

While you’re at the website, see if there are software updates available for your keyboard. If there are any, install them as well.

If you are using a multimedia type keyboard, be sure to remove the software before installing any new drivers for this type of keyboard. 

If you’re wary about trying out these methods on your own or you’ve tried them all but nothing seems to get your keyboard to start working properly again, it’s time to call the experts! Our technical team is more than willing to help you with your situation. Just give us a call and we will be right at your service!